We help create memoirs and oral histories and provide business and nonprofit storytelling. 

To tell your story, we use the approach of "creative nonfiction." The creativity in creative nonfiction comes from the way you tell your story: the images used; the feelings evoked; the specific memories chosen; the way you describe people or events; the rhythm of the words; the emotional pull; and the shape of the story. As John McPhee said, "Creative nonfiction is not about making something up, but making the most of what you have." 

A memoir is distinct from an autobiography. An autobiography focuses chronologically on the subject's entire life. A memoir is narrower in scope, not necessarily chronological, and focuses on a slice or slices of life. A memoir might focus on a particularly interesting period in the subject's life, or a critical turning point. It might be thematic, capturing a cohesive thread in the subject's life, or it might hone in on a particular passion or interest. 

To create rich, dense, and fruitful interviews, we develop an intentional selection of questions, specific to each client and generated during pre-interview consultation. Well-crafted questions matter, as does a deliberate and thoughtful sequencing of questions. Listening skills are crucial, especially in the enabling of good follow-up questions. The idea is to build a space where magic can happen, where the conversation can feel safe, reflective, and truthful. 

From there, we build your story, incorporating the color, the drama, the evocative details, the sparks of humor, and the defining moments we've unearthed together in the interiewing process. We then precisely put it all together in your distinct voice.